Tom Mielko: An Artist’s Journey

Tom Mielko - An Artist's Journey

In Mielko’s world, wicker slowly unravels from a deck chair, a bicycle is a vehicle to declare eternal love, seashells are jewels, and a beach shack from a bygone era is an intriguing treasure. Tom Mielko – An Artist’s Journey, chronicles the 30 year career of The Master of Romantic Realism in over 100 beautiful, full color images that allow us to experience life through his optimistic oeuvre. With a gentle palette, he takes us to places that are safe and comforting, where love and joy are within our grasp. What is Romantic Realism?

Mielko’s biography shows him recording a Nantucket that few have known and reveals his mastery at painting the luminous dream that is America. This “artist’s journey” is of a storyteller with a brush who believes in happy endings. The book is a wonderful gift.

“After awhile you notice that Tom’s art, rooted as it is in feelings and emotions, has a wonderfully sneaky way of leading us into insights…Tom likes to play with structure and form, which sounds restrictive until you realize that this sort of artistic discipline allows the artist to leave a small story somewhere in the image.”

-from the Foreword by John Stanton

“The distinctive aspect of Mielko’s paintings are their inter-personal experience. The gentle consciousness of each painting is as if one had come by a path and upon his composition, and the artist has magically placed the love setting onto his canvas unspoiled.”

-Stephen Haller, Director of Haller Gallery, New York City, New York

“Whether in Nantucket or Santa Barbara, Tom Mielko is an artist of light. Through his love of the vicissitudes of nature and the human beings in it, he gives us not only these beautiful landscapes, but ourselves in the mystery of them.“

-Daphne Rose Kingma, Author