Animalia: Portraits in Poetry and Pencil

Animalia by Erin Graffy and Tom Mielko

Animalia is an engaging collection of animal portraits – in pencil and poetry.

These exquisite graphite renderings of artist Tom Mielko capture both the textured detail and the character of each animal.

The drawings are wonderfully balanced with the exceptionally witty verse of poet Erin Graffy, which portray the personality and peculiarities of each animal.

Each page feels serendipitous and will take you on a remarkable animal adventure that is a delight to see and read.

“Tom’s portrait illustration is not just a pencil drawing, it really is a painting done with graphite. The attention to detail, the technique, the removal of the surface like a dry point etching. It’s unique – I don’t think I have really seen that anywhere else.” – Alexander Mertens, fine art dealer and gallery owner.

Published by Kieran Publishing Company

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