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Tom Mielko and Jane Seymour

Tom Mielko and Hollywood actress and Mielko art collector, Jane Seymour, are pictured in a studio painting session. Both admire one another’s artwork and enjoy sharing the easel together. “I respect her dedication to painting,” Mielko says.

Jane Seymour and Tom Mielko

Eileen Mielko & Oprah Winfrey supporting Girl’s Inc.

Wealth from our Ocean Julia Child Cooking Concert

El Encanto Hotel and Garden Villas
Sunday, April 7, 2002
Hosted by Eileen and Tom Mielko

Tom and Eileen hosted about 25 gourmet aficionados in the kitchen of their home in Santa Barbara on Sunday April 7, 2002. Organized by the culinary section of the Montecito Journal, the event gave the participants an ‘up-close’ glimpse into the magical world of Julia Child’s famous culinary skills as exhibited by renowned chef Mark Kropczynski.

Julia Child Tom Mielko Event